Graduate Fellowships and Awards for 2021

Every year we honor the scholarship and achievements of our over 200 graduate students.  This year the celebration had to be held virtually, but below are all of those recognized this year with Fellowships, Scholarships, and Outside Awards.  Please note that many of our scholarships and fellowships are primarily supported by generous donations by our alumni and friends.  On behalf of the entire department, I thank you for supporting our research and teaching missions with your gifts!

Department Awards 2021/2022 Student Name Advisor
ACS Bridge Program Fellowship Gerardo Castillo Valdes Schlebach
ACS Bridge Program Fellowship David Ferguson Brown
ACS Bridge Program Fellowship Isel Rivera Yu
ACS WCC/Merck Research Award Stanna Dorn Brown
Associate Instructor Award Carrie Lierz Oakley
Bernard Berk Endowed Fellowship Alketa Lutolli Flood
Best Poster Award -2020 Microscopy & Microanalysis Annual Meeting Kaustav Chatterjee Skrabalak
Briscoe Teaching Fellowship Jacob Desmond Williams
Briscoe Teaching Fellowship Ryan James Williams
Briscoe Teaching Fellowship Mallory Kern Pohl
Briscoe Teaching Fellowship Eric McKenzie Peters/Jacobson
Briscoe Teaching Fellowship Rebecca Skalla Ye
Burton L. Appleton Award Renyu Guo Brown
Burton L. Appleton Award Grace Trammel Brown
C500 Award Brigham Pope Jacobson
C500 Award Zhiyu Zang Gerdt
Carroll Family Fellowship Claire Mammoser Thielges
Chester Davis Organic Fellowship Stanna Dorn Brown
Chester Davis Organic Fellowship Renyu Guo Brown
Chester Davis Organic Fellowship Alketa Lutolli Flood
Chinese Scholarship Council Chuanliang Huang Ye
Chinese Scholarship Council Yuda Li Skrabalak
David A Rothrock Award Marissa Dobulis C. Jarrold
David A Rothrock Award Yaxu Zhong Ye
Department of Chemistry Fellowship Eric McKenzie Peters/Jacobson
Department of Chemistry Fellowship Ben Gerroll Peters/Baker
Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Research Award at Pacific Northwest National Lab Krista Kulesa Smith
Felix Haurowitz Award Kaustav Chatterjee Skrabalak
Felix Haurowitz Award Yang Wang Douglas
GEMS Fellowship David Ferguson Brown
GEMS Fellowship Bryan Walker Gerdt
Henry Mahler Grad Award Jade Katinas Dann
Jack C. Crandall Award Stanna Dorn Brown
Jack C. Crandall Award Emily Pinter Cook
Kratz Fellowship Eric Collins Raghavachari
Kratz Fellowship Marissa Dobulis C. Jarrold
Lynne L. Merritt Award Claire Mammoser Thielges
Lynne L. Merritt Award Eman Wasim Tait
Mann Fellowship Yang Wang Douglas
Mann Fellowship Yi Wang Yu
Marvin Carmack Fellowship Lily Klapper Van Nieuwenhze
Marvin Carmack Fellowship Grace Trammel Brown
Mays Fellowship Eric McKenzie Peters/Jacobson
McCormick Science Grant Arathi Anil Sushma Dragnea
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Sandra Atehortua Bueno Skrabalak
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Laura Chamness Schlebach
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Evan Dalton Raff
Pomifea Research Fellowship Emily Pinter Cook
Poster prize at the 2021 International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC) Rachel Fadler Flood
President’s Diversity Dissertation Joseph Holmes Dragnea
President’s Diversity Dissertation Jennifer Wong Dann
President’s Diversity Initiative Fellowship Ria Kidner Gerdt
QCB NIH Training Grant Fellowship Kristen Alanis Baker
QCB NIH Training Grant Fellowship Ria Kidner Gerdt
QCB NIH Training Grant Fellowship Max Osterberg Giedorc
QCB NIH Training Grant Fellowship Brigham Pope Jacobson
QCB NIH Training Grant Fellowship Yasmine Zubi Lewis
Raymond Siedle Inorganic Fellowship Sarah Braley Smith
Raymond Siedle Materials Fellowship Kaustav Chatterjee Skrabalak
Selected to present at the 2021 Sigma-Aldrich Materials Science Midwest Region Symposium Kaustav Chatterjee Skrabalak
Slagle Fellowship Jared Wiemann Yu
Verne & Paul Trinoskey Fellowship Eric Collins Raghavachari
Verne & Paul Trinoskey Fellowship Yi Wang Ye
Wendell P. Metzner Memorial Award Edward Sheetz Flood
William H. Nebergall Memorial Award Alyssa Cabelof Caulton