2022 Building Notes

New Graduate Student Office Space Created

The former duplicating room, 051, was converted this year into a “bullpen” for graduate students needing an office workspace (e.g. first year grad students).  There are six computers, multiple desks with power receptacles, and a printer available for our students.  Having a shared space is really important for building a sense of community in a graduate cohort while providing much needed IT infrastructure for their use.

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Second Floor Renovation Starts January 2023

The south wing of second floor in the 1989 Chemistry Addition is getting a much needed facelift in 2023 to receive the incoming Veronica Siedle Professors, Professor Jose Goicoechea and Associate Professor Eric Bloch.  For the last 33 years the laboratories and offices in that space have the hosted the research groups of Professors Mookie Baik, Lyudmila Bronstein, Ken Caulton, George Christou, Dongwhan Lee, Jim Reilly, Jeremy Smith, and Lee Todd.  The labs will be getting new floors, ceilings, benches, and fume hoods.  The offices will be getting new floors and ceilings.  Room A254 will divided to create a new 1300 square foot laboratory space that will contain an electrochemical work area, multiple gloveboxes, and four fume hoods to be shared by the Smith and Bloch groups.  Hourly employee Brody Schaeffer spent much of the summer and fall removing items left behind by the various occupants over the years.  The roughly $1.4 million renovation will start in early January and should finish by May 2023.  Look for pictures of the new spaces in next year’s newsletter!

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