Two Chemists Honored with the Wylie Catalyst Medal

The department was honored as Robert and Marjorie Mann Professors Martin Jarrold and David Clemmer were awarded the 2022 Wylie Innovation Catalyst Medal by the President Whitten at an April 4, 2022 ceremony.  The Wylie medal recognizes alumni, faculty and friends of Indiana University who have made significant contributions to the University’s culture of innovation and commercialization.  Professor Martin Jarrold’s group recently developed a novel Charge Detection Mass Spectrometer (CDMS) which allows the characterization of very large ions (e.g. intact viruses) that were previously nearly impossible to study by mass spectrometry.  Professor David Clemmer’s group have been leaders in developing high resolution ion mobility mass spectrometers and tandem ion mobility mass spectrometers for over two decades.  Both professors have founded successful startup companies to commercialize their work and licensed some of their patents to instrument manufacturers.  These efforts place groundbreaking IU research into the hands of researchers around the world.