Brightest Fluorescents Ever Made

Check out this Fun Video highlighting recent work on optical materials, called SMILES, discovered and now supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), from the team of Flood, Raghavachari and Pamidighantam (Pervasive Technologies Institute) here at IU and Professor Laursen at the University of Copenhagen.

What do SMILES materials have to do with fluorescent dyes and how might they make the images on television screens, hand-held video games, and smartphones more dynamic, even brighter? Researchers are turning fluid fluorescent dyes into solid-state form and making the brightest fluorescents ever made. Learn more on NSF’s The Discovery Files.

Amar Flood Research Group – Indiana University
The Raghavachari Group – Indiana University
Pervasive Technology Institute – Indiana University
Bo Wegge Laursen – University of Copenhagen