2022 Staff Updates

Three Recognized for Excellence at Staff Banquet

It was wonderful to have our staff banquet it person again this year.  On May 10th, the staff joined with the Chair and some of our retirees in the Tudor Room to celebrate the conclusion of another academic year.  Three very worthy members of the staff were recognized as winners of the 2022 staff award.  We honor their continued excellence!

Mary Skinner was chosen for her outstanding service to the Chair’s office, especially in her support of our successful efforts to recruit three new faculty members to the Department in 2022.

Becky Wilson was honored for her tireless efforts in the Academic Office handling room reservations, scholarship applications, and exam logistics, especially throughout all the upheavals of the pandemic.

Jeremy Anderson of the Information Technology Group was recognized for the talent, flexibility, and creativity all members of the department have come to rely in as he assists us in converting our various administrative data into compliant, actionable knowledge.

Quinquennial Staff Anniversaries Recognized at the Staff Banquet

5 years:  Chad Schaeffer, Building Manager
5 years:  Maria Sievers Perotti, Grant Specialist (2021 Staff Award Recipient)
10 years:  Anthony Parker, Molecular Structure Center
15 years:  James Clark, Undergraduate Laboratory Staff (2013 Staff Award Recipient)
15 years:  Dalane Anderson, Academic Office Manager (2011, 2018 Staff Award Recipient)
20 years:  Rose Burchfield, Electronic Instrument Services (2017 Staff Award Recipient)
25 years:  Angie Hansen, Mass Spectrometry Facility (2008 Staff Award Recipient)
35 years:  Andy Alexander, Electronic Instrument Services (2020 Staff Award Recipient)
*note, anniversaries are based on total time at IU, not just in the Chemistry Department

2022 Staff Changes

The Chemistry Department is excited to have welcomed several new staff members to the Department in 2022.

Windows support technician Grant Parker joined the department in November 2021.

Web designer Kyle Manolo joined the department in April.

Windows specialist Brad Jolly joined the department in April.

Lisa Burchenson became our new payroll specialist in May.  She had previously worked with IU purchasing.

Kayse Ehinger joined the Academic Office as its student services assistant in June.

Julie Abrams joined the Department in July as Assistant to the Chair.  She had previously worked with the College of Arts and Sciences

Nicole Johnson became our Seminar and Travel Coordinator in July.  She had been the Chem Store Receiving Clerk since 2020.

Michael Tetzloff joined the undergraduate laboratory staff as a demo technician in September.  He has worked in the lab for the last 4 years as both a student assistant and an hourly technician.

Purchasing representative Heather Yarnall-Kates joined the department at the end of September.  She had previously worked with the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.

Mayghan Rider joined the department on November 21 as our new human resources business partner.


We also had several staff member departures in 2022.

Kendra Carter, a purchasing representative, left the department in August.

Financial analyst Jewel Bezy left the department in February.

Payroll specialist Daniel Hosler left the department in February; he had served multiple roles in the Chemistry Business Office since 2017.

Seminar and travel coordinator Cameron Kincaid left the department in May.

Assistant to the Chair Mary Skinner retired from the department in May after four years in the position.

Undergraduate demo technician Shaina Lee left the department in May.  She had worked in the undergraduate laboratories since 2018.

Database specialist Ray Cross left the department in August after 8 years with the Information Technology Group.

Human resources business partner Jennifer McCloud left the department in September.

Undergraduate scheduling coordinator Becky Wilson will retire after 16 years of service in the Academic Office at the end of 2022.